Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

You have felt something missing within you. You are a woman with depth, with wisdom, with compassion. You have so much to share and so much you desire to experience. You seek to look beyond the surface of ordinary things and really discover each one of them to learn and understand their truths. But you have felt that what you truly desire is just beyond your reach. You seek what has been hidden from you and are ready to reclaim what is yours: your true self. And you know you need to go on a journey;  an inner journey . You have a strong desire to explore all the depths and layers of your being to know who you truly are. You desire to know yourself at a soul-deep level.

There is nothing surface about you, and you know that anything less than soul-deep does not truly satisfy nor fulfill you. You choose to see the magic and mystery of life, and embrace it with every precious part of your being. You desire to live fully and freely while expressing who you are and living authentically. You know there is inner work to be done, and you are ready to explore those depths and find yourself there.

You have connected with me at this time for a reason: to guide you and hold space for you on your journey, and to teach and mentor you in a way that is as unique as you and your desires are. I understand and have a deep knowing that this level of soul deep transformation and healing needs a Sacred space where you can feel safe, held, nurtured, and supported on your journey.

Imagine what it would feel like to be held in a space that was created and designed just for you. A space where you can safely explore the depths of your Soul. A space created by someone who nurtures and nourishes you as you continue on your journey. Someone who embraces and welcomes you without judgement. Someone who deeply understands your journey because she was once where you are now. Someone who invites you into her Sacred space that she has carefully cultivated and protected for soul-deep transformation and healing.

Lovely, it is time to answer the call of your Soul and come home. You have felt this growing desire within you for some time now, and your Soul is waiting for you. I am here, Lovely, holding this Sacred Space for you. All you need to do is say yes to your journey and claim this Sacred Space. Reach out to me and let’s have a Soul to Soul conversation on how we can walk together on your journey back to self.

I see you, I love you, I honor you.

Welcome to your journey back to self.

Much love,