The Feminine Soul In Me…

Creative expression has been, and continues to be, the deepest way to share my soul. It has served as my escape as I created new worlds…allowing me to dive deep¬† into my inner world. It has allowed to explore deeper into my own self, becoming a healing and transformational practice. And it has been a way to express my truth, to let all my thoughts, emotions, and experiences pour out of me and onto the blank space in front of me.

This has created a safe, Sacred Space for me to connect deeply with my inner self, to my higher self, and to the Divine. In this space, I immerse myself in silence and allow myself to be emptied. From this space of “nothing-ness”, my Sacred Self, my higher self, has space to emerge and to move freely. From this space, I connect with the Divine Feminine within me as She flows through me and around me.

In this space, and from this space, new worlds are created, new truths are revealed, and new awareness arises. I share the visions and messages that are gifted me and birth them into the world.