She stood at the edge of her journey, peering into the path as far as she could see. She hesitated with the uncertainty of the future that lay ahead of her. Surely, she thought, there was a carefully path laid out somewhere already that she could just follow.

She looked to her right and saw masses of people all clumped together on a blindingly lit and paved pathway, each person clawing and struggling to keep their space on the path. To her left, she saw another mass of people sitting on the ground, not moving and slowly disappearing as the ground swallowed them in its overgrowth.

But neither one of those paths spoke to her heart and Soul, for she knew they were not meant for her. She faced forward once again at the few visible steps in front of her. This time, she closed her eyes and placed her hand on her heart. She whispered a prayer and sent it on the winds. She felt the wind cascade around her in response, bringing her a sense of lightness and a feeling of being lovingly embraced.

She exhaled as she opened her eyes. The path before her had not changed, yet she felt a wave of peace wash over her as she took her first step. She noticed a soft glow in the distance, a beautiful orb of welcoming, warm, beautiful light. As she moved forward, she noticed this glow was not something far off in the distance, it was emanating from within her. In that moment, she found the path that she was meant to follow was within her all along.