There are times when embracing the Divine Feminine, I feel fierce; a fierceness that burns in my Soul and gets in my bones. This fire consumes me, but it does not harm me. I have been through another rapid acceleration into my truth, and that normally leaves me wobbly and disconnected.

But this time, I am seeing things so clearly.

This fire has renewed my vision and burned away any disillusion I was experiencing. It brought back my deep passion to the point where I embrace and celebrate my feminine body and awaken all my senses. To feel something other than fatigue and dullness and hiding myself behind a mask of familiarity and comfort.

My sensual body is awake, my spiritual body is awake, my emotional body is awake.

I am fire.

I am fierce.

I am feminine.

I am spiritual.

I am sensual.

I am Sacred.

I am Woman.