Softening was a deeper, Sacred practice of breathing and releasing for her. All the spaces and places within her that were constricted, she allowed to soften so she could move easier, breathe easier, and deepen more into who she truly is. Things began to move and flow within her, creating space for her feminine Soul to dance.

She felt her essence begin to rise up with its dance of emergence. Sensations came to life, colors became more vibrant, nature became more precious, she became luminous.  The rhythm of her Soul vibrated through her mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

As she moved in this dance of her Soul, she touched on all the spaces and places within her that were hardened, to the spaces where she had constricted her body. She had created these walls so she wouldn’t feel and she wouldn’t open herself to experience the pain and sorrow once more, the experiences that caused her to shut herself down and shut herself off.


Written Word by Bonnie Jean Roberts Copyright 2018