She is gifted with a vision to bring to life…a vision that would pull her inward and push her outward at the same time…for this vision calls upon her to align with her higher self and connect with her higher calling. She is called upon to be devoted to her vision, and have faith in her path even as it would test her and require of her to go into depths of herself that have been hidden over her lifetime.

She knows, through her own inner wisdom, that she is Divinely and lovingly supported as she continues walking toward her vision.

All that is within her will rise up, and she will see the light and the shadow aspects of herself. She will heal, grow, and transform along the way to being the highest version of herself. She knows that fears will rise up, and will only remain within her as she gives it space to do so. She stays in the flow of life as she moves towards her vision…receiving and releasing as she goes.


Written Word by Bonnie Jean Roberts Copyright 2018