Bonnie Jean Roberts is a writer and poetess from Madison, WI. She embraces and blends the nuances of femininity and spirituality as they relate to the feminine soul.

Her own journey to the feminine essence is woven through all of her writings. She shares what is in and has been placed upon her soul. Writing and poetry became her refuge from a young age into young womanhood and is now fully embraced in her mature womanhood.

She has been known as an old soul, a deeply feminine soul, and her body of work is a reflection of both. She believes that we carry a deep wisdom and knowing within us, and we are being called upon to embrace this more and more.

She has been immersed in women’s issues from a young age, as she was a witness to the abuses of women in her family and how that became a wound carried from generation to generation of women, including her own. This was a catalyst for her to learn about healing these wounds, a journey that would lead her to the Divine Feminine as she entered into the fourth decade of her life.

Now in her mid 40s, she is embracing the pull of her soul to write. She writes to inspire, to heal, to put a voice to all that goes unspoken in a woman’s soul. She honors her story is one of many, and sees and feels the thread that connects them all in the tapestry of women.