My Journey

Each day I deepen into and embrace The Divine Feminine. The Soulfully Written Woman was birthed on my own journey within, emerging from the shadows to become a new way of being. This is a journey where there is no set end point...there are no planned steps or direct routes to take.

But rather this journey is a spiral, inviting us to go deeper within to find our reclaim who we honor the Divine Feminine within us. She has long been forgotten and held back from us. She lives on in the stories we carry within the depths of our Being. I see her deep desire to emerge once again, both within myself and within my sisters. I feel her awakening within the collective and inviting us to embrace and embody her once again. There is a resonant cry among women, and I am of the belief that we can no longer ignore these cries from within.

I am also of the belief that you feel this too, and that you are a part of this awakening, beautiful Sister. By taking your own journey within, you are adding your voice, your presence, and your essence to this awakening. We go deeper to go higher. Let us reclaim who we are as Divine Feminine women, and let us embrace each other as we continue on our journeys.

The Writer In Me...

Writing has been, and continues to be, the deepest way of expression for me. It has served as my escape as I created new worlds, new story lines, new characters...allowing me to dive deep into their world and have it become a mirror to my inner world. It has allowed to explore deeper into my own self, becoming a healing and transformational practice of Soul writing. And it has been a way to express my truth, to let all my thoughts, emotions, and experiences pour out of me and onto the blank page in front of me.

This has created a safe, Sacred Space for me to connect deeply with my inner self, to my higher self, and to the Divine. In this space, I immerse myself in silence and allow myself to be emptied. From this space of "nothing-ness". my Sacred Self, my higher self, has space to emerge and to move freely. From this space, I connect with the Divine Feminine within me as she flows through me and around me.

In this space, and from this space, new worlds are created, new truths are revealed, and new awareness arises. I write the visions and messages that are gifted me and birth them into the world. Here, my writing space is Sacred. Here, my writing becomes ritual.

The Mentor In Me...

Mentoring is a deep way I share my gift of writing to the world. It is my passion. It is my purpose. It is even my pleasure. It is how I deeply connect with those I am meant to serve. Seeing women open themselves to their authenticity, to their vulnerability, and to their Sacredness creates a deep desire in me to create and hold space for them as they embrace their journey within. This Sacred Space is essential for women to deepen into themselves, to soften, to surrender, and to reclaim who they are.

The journey within is an exploration that brings women to a space where they can be restored and be transformed. It is a journey of embracing who they are, and who they are becoming. It is a journey to their inner self, their higher self, and to the Divine Feminine.

Being a mentor means I listen, I hold space, and I guide you as you find all that is within you. There is no preset or predetermined path that is already laid out before you for you to follow blindly. But rather it calls upon you to go deep within to find the path. Each step you take allows the next one to be intuitively revealed to you.

The Mystic In Me...

As a mystic, I embrace the mysteries that are within. I deeply believe what we seek is within the depths of these mysteries. A space within us that expands as we deepen into the essence of our Being. I embrace the mysteries, the depths, the truths, the sacredness that resides within each of us.

I believe we are intricately connected to our Soul, to each other, and to the Divine. The Divine is personal to each one of us, and has its own meaning, significance, and belief system attached to our own faith. I embrace women from all walks of faith, for I believe that the Divine Feminine is a thread that runs through each one of us, a thread that reaches beyond and through our beliefs, connecting us at a Soul deep level.

I believe the Sacred Art of Writing is a ritual practice, one that we can share beyond our outward differences. A circle of women writers coming together from all walks of life and all faiths to embrace the Divine Feminine in ourselves and in each other. Women who see the women next to her as Soul Sisters,  women who embrace and embody the Divine Feminine in their own way.

I believe deeper truths are within, and there is always a deeper truth to be uncovered. We just need to be willing to go into the depths of our Being to reveal them.

Mystics are poets, writers, artists, singers, dancers, priestesses, and creative Souls. We express ourselves through our unique voices and Sacred practices. We embrace and embody the mystery and wonder within us and around us. And we invite you to immerse yourself in the depths of your Being, to express yourself in the deepest way that feels natural to you.

Women who come together in this journey through writing create a circle that raises the vibration of feminine energy, reclaim their essence,  and restore that which is most precious: the Divine Feminine.