Let's Talk, Lovely.

Since this is our first connection, I would love to introduce myself and share with you a little about me, my vision, my mission, my story, and what it feels like to work with me. I'm Bonnie Jean Roberts, a Spiritual Mentor for Women, and what you will experience through working with me is what I am most passionate about: holding space for you as you are on your journey to the Soulfully Embraced Woman within.

How Do I Do This?

By creating a Sacred Space where you can  really dive deep. I created this space because this journey you are about to begin needs a Sacred Space; one where being nurtured, feeling safe, and being lovingly guided are essential to this process. What I do for you is bring my whole presence and essence to provide you a lovingly held container on your journey. In this space, you can be and breathe, as well as experience and grow.

Why Do I Talk About The Soul As The Core Of Our Work Together?

I do so because anything less would only touch the surface and create a false sense of transformation. It may feel good for a little while, but it will wear off and you will be right back where you were before. True transformation begins at the core, and, when we first begin working together, we will be taking a deep look at where you are now, and where you desire to be. Often times what holds us back from being and doing what we most desire is there is something missing within our Soul. We are out of alignment with who we are and what we truly desire. Soul Work provides the structure for exploration and transformation, and Soul Care provides the space for rest and rejuvenation to continue on your journey.

My Vision and Mission

I have always felt a deep calling within myself to help others. And this manifested from a young age on to be of service to people and help them bring the visions they have for themselves to life. I had this innate gift of seeing people as they are and seeing what they could be.  I could see them at the core of their being and often believed in them even when they didn't believe in themselves. As I began my own journey within, I began to recognize and honor this gift once again, and chose to embrace it. It became my mission to help other women truly embrace themselves and do the inner work to become the highest version of themselves. My own vision is to see women step fully into themselves, to love and honor who they are, and to release those things that no longer serve them and the vision they have for their lives.  From this vision and mission,  the Soulfully Embraced Woman  was birthed. And you, Lovely, are naturally a part of this just by being here.

My Story

Growing up, I always knew I was different. I felt things, saw things, and knew things about everything around me that no one else seemed to understand. I hurt when people hurt, I cried during movies as if I was really there. I had deep empathy for those around me, even when they hurt, judged, or harassed me. And being this way from a young age without feeling seen , heard, or understood, I began to hide my true self. And, in hiding my true self, I allowed myself to not let anyone see the real me. I felt stifled, unexpressed, and unfulfilled. This continued well into my adult years.

By not letting my true self be seen or expressed, it created a pattern in my life of hiding out, blending in, and not loving and honoring myself for who I was.  This pattern played out in the series of dysfunctional and destructive relationships, feelings of being less than and being unworthy of receiving love, and not being the woman I knew I could be and desired to be. When I reached the lowest point in my life, I made a vow that I would not live like this anymore. I would release everything that was not good for my Soul, and begin my journey back to me and the woman I knew I was. I would embrace her, love her, help her heal, and become the highest version of herself.

Along this journey, I also found my purpose and answered the call of my Soul to help other women on their journeys. Those gifts I hid away for so long were on their way back to me and I would use them in my mission and vision to help women heal and transform themselves from the inside out.  I would help them reclaim who they are at the core of their being. I would help them reclaim their own Soul. And that is why I am here.

My Journey

Each day I deepen into and embrace The Divine Feminine. The Soulfully Embraced Woman was birthed on my own journey within, emerging from the shadows to become a new way of being. What I guide women through on their journeys is what I have experienced and learned on my own journey. This is a journey where there is no set end point...there are no planned steps or direct routes to take.

But rather this journey is a spiral, inviting us to go deeper within to find our truths...to reclaim who we are...to honor the Divine Feminine within us. She has long been forgotten and held back from us. She lives on in the stories we carry within the depths of our Being. I see her desiring to emerge, both within myself and within my sisters. I feel her awakening within the collective and inviting us to embrace and embody her once again. There is a resonant cry among women, and I am of the belief that we can no longer ignore these cries from within.

I am also of the belief that you feel this too, and that you are a part of this awakening, beautiful Sister. By taking your own journey within, whether you choose me as your mentor or you choose another, you are adding your voice, your presence, and your essence to this awakening. We go deeper to go higher. Let us reclaim who we are as Divine Feminine women, and let us embrace each other as we continue on our journeys.

I thank you for being here, Lovely. I know there is so much within you that desires to be released, expressed, loved and honored. I am here, Lovely, holding Sacred Space for you so you can begin your journey back to self while being supported, nurtured, understood, and held.

I see you, I honor you, and I love you.