Letting the expectations of others rule over her created a disconnection with her; a disconnection from her soul, her truth, her beauty, her purpose. She tried to be the “good girl” to grow into a “good woman”, something she had been silently groomed to be and reinforced to become internalized within her. She would second guess everything she thought, spoke, and accomplished. And that was their goal, to have her carry them in her that would even become a part of her.

They would tell her it was her conscience speaking or her moral compass guiding her when in truth it was this internalized conditioning that served their agendas and beliefs of who and what a woman should be. But over time cracks began to emerge within her. She began to question this accepted set of norms placed upon her. She began to resist what she was taught as something within her was shifting, slowly chipping away the conditioning to reveal her truth.

She embraced this journey, not knowing why she was being led beyond the only thing she knew. She would come to know a softness and a stillness, a tranquil oasis for her to enter and uncover who she truly is. She would come to this space again and again, as it became a sacred space within her. The ties that bound her to her conditioning began to unravel, revealing the bare essence of her beauty and truth.

She veiled her body in this essence, wrapping herself in its softness; a healing practice she embraced in this new way of being. A feeling flowed through her, a feeling that was as deep and vast as her soul. A soul the world tried so hard to keep her from.

She now knew what it felt like to return to the home within her soul.