She is a force of nature; at times soft and subtle, other times tumultuous and wild. She is the balance of all things as she embraces all her ways of being. She does not move within the realms of right and wrong, of black and white, but rather moves along the spectrum of the soul. She knows intuitively the higher and lower aspects of her being that are within her.

She does not see herself as wicked or evil anymore, as the world and its rigid institutions tried to convince her of. She liberated herself, her soul, from these archaic and toxic rules to deepen into who she was created to be. She became sovereign over her own body, mind, and soul. She learned the ways of the priestess, an inner journey of reclamation and restoration of the feminine.

Now a queen of this new way of being, she chose to reign over the governance of her being, an inner knowing coming through her as wisdom. She creates space for the feminine to rise as she heals the disconnected parts of herself. She creates space for things to flow to and from her; no longer forcing things into place or manipulating outcomes. She trusts in the Divine and knows that what is meant for her, what she desires, will come to her when it is time.; a sacred practice of the feminine soul.

This would lead her to do her inner work to break free from the belief that she was not worthy. Her new belief: that whatever she desired would come to her, she would just need to be open to receive. She would go about her days in faith; her essence emanating from within her, thus creating beauty around her. Her was an energy, an essence that emanated from deep within her feminine.

An essence of feminine soulfulness that illuminated with all her colors within.