“She has emerged from a dark place in her life and is ready to embrace a new way of being.”

It seems in all my studies on the feminine soul’s journey, there is always a death and a rebirth. A death to a former self as our soul calls us to something deeper.

But she stayed there we are out of fear or safety or comfort. Things began to happen around her that shook her to her core, vibrating so intensely that all that she knew was shattered and scattered in the void.

This led her to a dark space within, facing her shadows and feeling lost within it. So she searches for a light, any light, to find her way out.

This is how her journey begins. She will find this light, and she will find it is coming from within her.Her journey is not one that is about rising above, but about deepening within. It is about moving through and coming out the other side. Each emergence is another deepening. Each death is new life. Each ending of a cycle reveals a new way of being.

Another turn of her spiral journey within.