She is not the kind of woman that runs far and wide: she is the woman who runs deep, finding an expansiveness beyond her depths. She is not a woman that will skim the surface, and connects with those who are not afraid to traverse the depths with her. Nor is she afraid to traverse them alone.

She feels peace and purpose and as she dives deep, the soul of a mermaid who knows how to breathe in these depths; for they are her true home. It is only when she has stayed in the shallow waters for too long that she loses her way, loses touch with her soul.

She must break these ties that try to pull her ashore and keep her from exploring the depth of her being. Where most feel scared to dive in, she finds rest, peace, and restoration. She lives and loves at a depth few have ever known.

She is magic and mystery. She is passion and purpose. She is born into a world removed from its own soul, and she suffers from feeling the disconnection within and between others. And yet, this is why she is here, to bring the light of her soul to illuminate the light within others, reminding them of who they are.

A modern day priestess; embracing and embodying the call to be a light for those who are finding their way.