Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

My beautiful Sister, there is so much I desire to express to you today. It is International Women’s Day 2018, and I feel there is a lot to celebrate on this day. And I also feel there is so much work to be done-both within ourselves and in the world we live in-for us, as women, to be fully honored and respected. These past two years have been an awakening of the deepest part of our Souls to reignite the Divine Feminine that has been denied, abused, forsaken, and held down for so long. We are, as a collective, taking our first few steps into this new way of being. We are beginning to heal the wounds we carry within ourselves, and we are reaching our hands out to other women on their journey. This is both exhilarating and exasperating at the same time. We have come a great ways in a short amount of time and we have come up against so many more walls during this awakening. 

These are not new walls, they are just becoming more evident as we move into spaces where we never stood in. We are moving into and taking up spaces that have been dominated by one side for many generations. And we are creating spaces where we can come together as Sisters who embrace one another. We are laying down the old ways of how women were silently coerced into believing another woman was her enemy. We were intentionally positioned against each other so that we were divided. But this is not the way we were meant to be. There was a time when we would come together in a sisterhood to celebrate and honor our cycles of life. We would gather together and share stories. We would laugh, cry, love, and live together. We thrived in these circles. We learned in these circles. We embraced one another in these circles. And these ways are returning to us.

There is no question you are being awakened in this present time, my beautiful Sister. You are desiring to feel seen, heard, loved, and honored as a woman. You desire to use your voice that has been silenced for so long. You desire to be held in a circle of women that see you as you are. You desire to be witnessed in your experiences, finding that you are not alone in your struggle. You desire to experience the fullness of who you are, releasing all the ways you were told that you were broken and unworthy. Your awakening is your journey, and you are answering the call of your Soul. It is a soft, gentle whisper within you asking you to be, and to become, who you truly are meant to be, 

On this day, International Women’s Day 2018, it is a day to celebrate and honor women everywhere, to make a vow to be our Sister’s keeper. To vow to embrace all women, including the woman within us, waiting to be seen, loved, heard, and honored. To vow to listen to our Sister’s stories with our hearts open. May we find love, compassion, acceptance, and wisdom in our gatherings today. May we take these vows and carry them in our hearts today and beyond this day. May we reach out and embrace our Sisters with the awareness that we each are traveling our own journey and may be at different points on our paths. 

I say to you today, my beautiful Sister, I see you, I love you, I honor you. I make this vow to you to hold you in my heart. I vow to listen with all parts of myself and hold space for you to open yourself to be witnessed and held. I vow to dance with you, mourn with you, laugh with you, love with you. I vow to do my inner work to dissolve any divisions between us and fill the spaces with love. I vow to use my voice in love, compassion, and wisdom toward all women, and to myself.  


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

There is a peace that comes as you deepen into the essence of who you are. As you begin to heal the spaces within you, you begin to see yourself as the Sacred being you are. This journey is a remembrance as much as it is an awakening.

You have always been Whole.

You have always been Loved.

You have always been Sacred. 

There is something within you calling to you. A calling to come home to the essence of who you are. A calling to lay down that which does not serve you. A calling to love, embrace, and heal the parts of yourself that have been desiring for you to acknowledge the beauty of your Sacred being. A calling to remove the veils and the illusions of who you were told you had to be. A calling to release the expectations and judgments of others. A calling to just breathe and be the essence of all you are. 

This journey you are on, whether you are new to this way of being or have practiced this new way of being for some time, will call upon and continue to call upon you to devote yourself completely. It is a deep, sovereign choice you are making each and every day. It is a surrendering into softness for you to reach the depths and expansiveness of who you are. 

Being. Embracing. Embodying. Becoming.

This is the journey of the Soulfully Embraced Woman.

This is the journey of You.

May you carry love and curiosity in your heart and soften into the purest depth, expansiveness, and essence of your being. 


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

Oh for the love of people. All people. Even those that may not be easy to love. The ones that challenge, motivate, and inspire. The ones that are here to bring lessons and the ones that are here to bring blessings. The ones that taught you the importance of boundaries and the ones that taught you it was safe to bring down your walls with them. The ones that you swore were for forever and the ones that walked away when you needed them most.

So many people come into and out of our lives over a lifetime, and some of those hurt like you can’t breathe and others you slam the door behind them and put ten locks on the door. Some gently drift out of your life and some suddenly disappear with no warning. All these can create a wound within us that we carry around to all future relationships. We so often look outside of ourselves for love and acceptance, where it truly needs to begin within ourselves.

And, at some point in our lives, we begin to reconcile with ourselves. We begin to love ourselves and care for ourselves on a level that is so much deeper than we ever thought possible. We begin to see our own value and know our own worth. In the beginning of this journey, it may only be in the form of glimpses like sunshine filtering between the trees that line our path, but they come into full view once we reach a clearing. Where we can spread out a blanket and rest in the warm sunlight of who we truly are.

Then we continue on the rest of our journey, where we find more open pastures and more sunlight. Storms will come along, and they serve to cleanse and prepare us for what is to come. Clouds, as dark and thick as they may be, provide us cover and purifying rain. In the darkness, we rest and rejuvenate, and we allow the seeds we have planted to take root and be nourished.

As we begin to learn to love ourselves, truly love ourselves, we begin to love others in a much different way. We no longer hold onto attachments and expectations of our relationships, but rather we allow the relationship to unfold naturally and beautifully. We no longer try to force things into place or use manipulation or coercion to get our way. We learn to love the beauty of the moment, and we no longer dwell in the past or see into the future. This does not mean we lower our standards or dishonor ourselves or allow ourselves to be hurt or taken advantage of. This means we set healthy boundaries and are mindful of who we let in our space and how much energy we expend.

We liberate ourselves from the boxes we have tried to put ourselves and others in. This takes practice to remove the boxes, the labels, and the expectations we create. Yes, we create them. And we can un-create them too. We see what we want with our eyes, we feel a deep longing in our heart, yet we deny the existence of our Sacred Soul and what our Soul needs. Wisdom, discernment, and love are the tools we can use to create meaningful relationships with ourselves, and with others.


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

We so love those days when we are feeling good, things are going our way, don’t we? That person you’ve secretly had your eye on made eye contact and said hi, cars parted for you on the freeway…but what about those days that we aren’t feeling so good or we were stuck in a traffic jam, or we missed the person of our dreams by a few minutes that one day, or things seem to be falling apart? Where it takes so much energy to just keep going? Where we feel deflated and questioning everything?

This is where our self-love and self-care are essential. When I’m facing these days, I revisit my purpose and passion, and immerse myself in what feels good to my Soul and reach out to those who understand my vision, mission, and purpose…and also ones who get who I am. I get out my pen and write. I put on my headphones and immerse myself in Soulful music. I get in my Sacred Space and allow myself to just breathe and be. I make myself available to be of service to someone. I create meaningful connections without expectations for myself or for the other person.

I feel that in these moments, connection is key…to our purpose, to our passions, to our creativity, to our vision, to our Infinite Source, to ourselves, to others, to nature, to music, to laughter, to tears, to silence, to whatever we need in those moments.


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

Love. The core of all that is. Something we give so freely, but are we opening ourselves to receive Love? We have been conditioned and groomed, as women, to give and give and then give some more. But where were we taught we were meant to receive? When we have spoke up and shared what we desired, we were labeled as being selfish and self-serving. So we stayed quiet and allowed ourselves to become depleted so that others may be fulfilled and nourished. We didn’t want to rock the boat and create any kind of discord or strife. This has been passed down to us through the generations as “that’s the way it is, so accept it and know your role.” It is so prevalent, it doesn’t even have to be said anymore…girls are raised with this silent expectation–and sometimes not-so-silent–to be all for everyone but ourselves.

Part of this movement of embracing our Sacredness as women is to embrace that we need to fill our vessels first, and then give from our overflow. This is a rebellious act in the face of a society that continues to misuse and abuse the Divine Feminine. This is not something we have been taught, but we feel it within ourselves. Women are going deep within themselves to find what is true for them and finally giving the love they give to everyone else to themselves. They are done with putting themselves last and denying their own needs and desires. Women from all different walks of life are releasing their limiting beliefs about who they are and embracing the truth within themselves. And, from where I’m standing, it is a beautiful thing to see all my sisters begin to awaken to the realization that they are beloved and that they are worthy. That they are Sacred and there is a well of feminine wisdom within them that has been dormant for generations.

This is a Sacred practice to embrace and love ourselves. To give ourselves space to breathe and be. To love ourselves without condition or expectation. To embody our truth and authenticity. To be. To become. My beautiful sister, I see you. I see the Sacredness and Divinity that is within you. I see the beauty and the love within you. I see the grace and the wisdom within you. My beautiful sister, I honor you. I honor the experiences you have had in your life. I honor your personal beliefs. I honor you as you are now and as you become more of yourself. My beautiful sister, I love you. I love you for the way you embrace who you are. I love you for the way you share your love and your light with the world. I love you for being unapologetic in your femininity.

Without condition or expectation, I see you, I honor you, I love you. Just for being You.


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

Lovely, you will get there. This path you’re on is not for the weak. That first step, that you’ve already taken, took strength. You had to step through your self-doubts, limiting beliefs, fears, and walls to begin your journey. There was something within you that gave you this strength to take that first step. There was a feeling welling up within you that pushed you to the threshold.

As you were standing there, hands clasped around the opening in last wall that was holding you back, a soft voice whispers from within: “It’s time to let go. I know you’re scared of the unknown and what awaits you there. Close your eyes and feel into what is beyond this opening.”

You hear the sounds of new life where you once heard cries of despair and hatred. You smell sweet fragrances where there was once the smell of stagnation. You open your eyes and see the beauty that has been hidden beyond the walls you built. Your grip relaxes and you begin to breathe more deeply. Your hands slide down the wall with one final surrender and you release yourself to begin this journey of reclaiming your true self.

You feel another nudge pulling you from within and the voice whispers: “It is time. You are here, in this moment, because you have already said yes to your journey. You have answered the call of your Soul. It is time.” You take in one more deep breath, and hold it as you pass through the opening.

As you emerge on the other side, you release your breath and allow yourself to feel into this moment; lighter, freer, and more expansive. So your journey begins…


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

I hold space for you to enter just as you are, right now, in this moment. I embrace you and welcome you to this sacred space; a space for you to breathe, to be, to find a nurturing moment or two for yourself. A space where you are loved, celebrated, honored, and appreciated for who you are in the deepest, quietest, most secret of your inner being.

It is my desire for you to experience acceptance, pure love, creativity, expression, joy, fulfillment, peace, and discovery as you rejuvenate in this sacred space. Here, you are embraced and empowered to just be, to love yourself, to care for yourself, to experience the tri-fold connection (to self, to others, to your higher power), and to take care of your soul so that you may feel whole, healed, balanced, and supported.

Your journey to self and of self is unique to you. This space is here for you whenever you need to find rest and rejuvenation for your soul. This space allows you to find your center, express yourself, and be nurtured and loved so that you may face your journey with love, authenticity, truth. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey here, with myself and with other women who are on their paths to fulfillment, wholeness, wellness, and love. I embrace you, I see you, and I love you.


Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

I see you, Lovely. Out in the world each day living authentically and doing only what feels good to your soul. You are doing your Soul Work and Soul Care each day to become the highest version of who you are. And it shows, even though you may not feel like you are transforming and healing right now, there is a deep inner work going on inside you.

I am writing you today to encourage you to keep going. To keep the beautiful balance of Soul Work and Soul Care. This journey of transformation, and the healing that comes with it, is one that will put you outside of your comfort zone at times and push you past the societal standards of who you “should” be.

The only thing you need to be is yourself: fully, freely, and unapologetically. You began this journey to really find out who you are at a soul-deep level. And you are doing just that; in your own time, in your own space, and by your own standards.

And know there are others out there also walking their own journeys of transformation who are cheering you on and support you with every step you make. You may not see them, Lovely, but they are there. You are Divinely and Earthly supported. Together, we create a soulfully connected and soulfully embraced community of women.

I see you, I love you, I honor you.

Much love,

Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

I believe that we are not here just to live out our days wandering aimlessly with no direction, no hope, and no joy. I believe we are so much more than this physical body we inhabit for this journey called life. I believe, and this I am so very certain of, is we are each a luminous, vibrant, beautiful Soul. Yet we think we are stuck in this existence to merely survive it until it is over. Yes, we have struggles and worries and doubts and fears.

And that is how we have been conditioned almost from the moment we could walk and talk that things should and need to be a certain way. When we step one foot beyond that, that is where these fears show up. This is generational, and each generation carries this forward to the next and so the pattern continues.

I’m here today to shatter that world a bit.

What if we were the ones to say No More? What if we were the ones to make a change in ourselves today that would create repercussions into the generations ahead of us? What if we were the ones to live in fullness of who we are and let our presence and essence speak for us before we said a word? What would that look like? What would that feel like? What would that be like?

I’m here today to say you are more than what you have been taught to be.

There is something unique about you. There is something unique about everyone around you. When we begin to see through this lens of honoring uniqueness, we begin to see ourselves and everything around us much differently. Yes, things happen to us, but does that change who we are in the core of our being?

When we experience things in life that hurt us or scare us, our instinct is to create a layer of protection. And with each hurt we experience, we create more and more layers until our true essence is so buried beneath all of them. Our light is dimmed and we are buried underneath.

I’m here today to say you can make your way back to your true self.

On our journey of healing, transforming, and reclaiming ourselves, we are peeling back these layers one by one. We are exposing these layers to the light and continue to do so over time. This doesn’t happen overnight, but each day you move toward getting to know who you are again.

Each day you heal a little more. Each day you begin to see a little more of your essence. And people will notice this transformation within you too. Your inner essence is merging with your outer presence.

I’m here today to say I see you, I love you, and I honor you as you are now and as you begin to see yourself as the luminous, Sacred being you are.



Dear Soulfully Embraced Woman,

I see you out in the world each day, making your way through your responsibilities, your to-do lists, and making sure you and yours are taken care of.

And, in the midst of all you do, are you honoring the fullness of who you are?

You can get lost in your day to day, and play your roles with passion and grace, but where are you in all this? The you that holds your wisdom, compassion, love, voice, authenticity, passion, opinions, beliefs, values…all the parts that make up the fullness of who you are?

When was the last time you shared your thought or idea or opinion? When was the last time you shared your truth and your story? When was the last time you took a deep look at yourself and loved yourself for all that you are? When was the last time you embraced yourself for exactly who you are?

Our fullness isn’t in what we do, Lovely SoulSister, our fullness is in who we are.  As we are, with no apologies and no explanations. We embrace our fullness and the world around us knows it. It is an energy and life force of its own that can be felt before we even say a word. It is how we carry ourselves and step into the essence of who we truly are. It is so strong it comes through what we say, what we do, and how we move through our day.

In closing, Lovely SoulSister, I want you to stand in front of your mirror, and allow yourself to see the fullness of who you are, as you are. Embrace this fullness, feel into this fullness, and let it emanate from you. Let it infiltrate your thoughts, words, actions, and your way of being. I see your fullness, Lovely SoulSister, and it holds your beautiful, empowering, loving, and wise presence and essence.