I’ve been on this path of reclaiming and restoring this feminine soul of mine for nearly a decade. The first few years were baby steps, wobbly and unsure but steadily moving forward. The next few were stepping into my own shadows and uncovering the lost parts of my soul, where my journey of deep healing began.

Beginning with a mother wound so deep it infiltrated many aspects of my life and most of my relationships to others. I saw myself following the same path my mother did, and took the steps to end these generational wounds. I began to understand my Mom as a woman with her own deep wounds, an understanding I wish I would have told her while she was still walking this earth.

The last three years I have been diving deeper into the aspects of the feminine soul and feminine spirituality as a woman whose body and mind has been violated time and again, and as a girl conditioned through reinforced beliefs that her body, her being, served no other purpose than to please and pleasure men. That she had to stay silent and shrink herself to not invite more harm or humiliation.

I am a woman who is learning to love my body, to honor her, and to reunite her to her soul. I am unlearning the conditioning placed upon this body and releasing the shame I was told I should feel about her.

This is my journey back to my soul, and I am sharing it through my writings, my art, and my desire to light a path for others who are also making their way through the darkness. This is the Journey of She: A New Way of Being. Going deeper into this spiral path, entering into the depths of my feminine soul, and bringing her back one step at a time. May this serve as an invitation, an initiation, to share the journey.


I am Bonnie, but you will also see me go by Lady J on here. Lady J has been a nickname of mine since I was little, but now I am reclaiming and repositioning her as whom I call my innermost self, my feminine soul. In practical reality, the J is from my middle name of Jean, which I received from my mother’s first name. I am reclaiming and restoring it for her as well. Our story is one for another time.