As I’m sharing my story, it’s interesting to me how many tiny details emerge from the corners of my being. It feels like opening myself up created an opportunity for all the forgotten parts of myself to show up and say “Hey. Do you remember…?”

And my response usually is that I hadn’t, or pushed them so far away from me that I detached myself. For survival. For sanity. For a sense of normality (or what I perceived “normal” to be).

They rise up within me to receive acknowledgement of their truth. My truth. They desire to be embraced just as their counterparts in the light do.

They want to be listened to, to be loved and integrated into the wholeness of my being. They call to me to step outside of my well-planned schedule and create the space for them to emerge. I become a mother preparing her nest for new life to be born.

But this new life is within me, the new life I’m preparing for, is my own.

~Lady J