So many gems of truth I have gathered along this journey. The lessons were mine to own, and also mine to move through and eventually release. And what we release creates space for us to go deeper within, to further excavate the truth within our bones, within our soul.

I was scared to go there, to uncover what truths lay within me. You hold onto something for so long that it becomes a part of you. You may think it’s holding you up and holding you together, that you will fall apart without it, so you grasp it out of security.

When I opened myself and began to really see them, I saw how they had actually been holding me down and back. It was a constriction of my body and its airways, and it was weighing down my soul.

I had to look at the false beliefs I internalized and infused throughout my being.

At some point, the blaming of others needed to stop. At some point, I had to stand in my truth and no longer allow anyone else’s beliefs or ways of being to be carried around in my bones.

~Lady J