Something magical and alchemical happens when a woman begins to fully and soulfully embrace all of who she is. It’s like there is a gentle light inside of her that begins to illuminate every part of herself, even those that have long been dormant, forgotten, and unseen. Soon, this inner light becomes an outer glow as she steps into and embraces the fullness of who she is.

How would it feel to be this woman on her journey back to herself?

How would it feel to let go of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and feelings of unworthiness?

How would it feel to stop playing small and step into the fullness of who you are?

How would it feel to love and express yourself fully and freely?

If this resonates with you, and you are ready to embrace the fullness of your being, I invite to read further. I created the Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy for women to fully love, embrace, care for, and rediscover themselves. Each course is soulfully and mindfully designed to guide you to the true essence of your Soul, and to who you were created to be. These courses will shine a light on areas within you for you to gently, but deeply, explore every part of yourself. Over the course of this 12 month Academy, you will be guided on a journey of what it is to be a Soulfully Embraced Woman. Here is a look at the all the courses and timeline within the Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy:

Month One

Intro to the Soulfully Embraced Woman Part One

Intro to the Soulfully Embraced Woman Part Two

Intro to the Soulfully Embraced Woman Part Three

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Two

Emerging From The Darkness To Embrace A New Way of Being

Illuminating The Spaces Within You With The Light of Love

Embracing Sacred Practices To Thrive In This New Way Of Being

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Three

Answering The Call Of Your Soul To Go Deeper

Creating & Honoring A Deep Knowing Of Yourself

Using Your Voice To Express Your Truths

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Four

Creating Soulful Balance In Your Growth

Creating Sacred Connection With Women Also On Their Soul Journey

Embracing Your Inner Beauty As You Discover Who You Are

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Five

Taking Soulful Care Of Yourself For Well-Being and Balance

Becoming the Natural Caretaker and Healer You Already Are

Creating Sacred Space Within You And Around You

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Six

Opening Your Heart To Give And Receive

Using Your Intuition And Inner Knowing

Finding And Creating A Community of Soulful Resonance

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Seven

Being Of Service With Your Unique Gifts

Standing Lovingly Confident In And Sharing Your Gifts

Honoring Your Sacred Vessel And All It Holds

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Eight

Honoring Life In All Its Forms And Immersing Yourself In Nature

Being Divinely Guided And Supported In This New Way Of Being

Connecting To Your Divinity Through Sacred Practices

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Nine

Honoring The Beauty Within You And Around You

Creating A Practice Of Self-Love And Self-Care

Honoring Your Desire To Learn & Experience Through All Your Senses

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Ten

Nourishing Your Soul And Eliminating Toxicity

Walking With Purpose And Intention On Your Journey

Creating Balance Through Using Intuition, Intention, and Compassion

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Eleven

Your Unique Purpose And Divinely Connected Network of Soul Sisters

Honoring The Divine Feminine Within Yourself and Others

Dedicating Yourself To The Call Of Your Soul

Sacred Rest & Integration

Month Twelve

Embracing Life And All Its Cycles

Honoring The Soulfully Embraced Woman Within You

Sacred Rest & Integration

Ceremony to Honor You As The Soulfully Embraced Woman

Each course module will consist of a weekly lesson, Soul Work, Soul Care, and a Soul Project for you to learn, explore, rejuvenate, and experience. This four element approach is essential for you to create balance and get as much out of the course materials as possible. You will also receive support from myself and your Soul Sisters traveling this journey with you in the private Facebook group that was created just for women in the Academy. Having a Sacred Space where we can come together and be part of a Sacred Sisterhood is essential to being and becoming the highest version of ourselves. Who is this Academy for? The Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy is for women who desire to experience a new way of being by reclaiming and honoring all that they are. Women who are ready to embrace themselves soulfully and in the fullness of who they are. Lovely, are you ready to say Yes to your journey? Are you ready to dedicate 12 months to embracing, loving, and honoring all of who you are? A journey that will stay with you and carry you into your next journey? A journey that will bring you to a place of deep understanding, awareness, and transformation? If your Soul is pulling you to say yes, I invite you to begin this journey by filling out the application to join the Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy. I hold 10 spaces each year for women, and I personally interview each one to ensure she is ready for this journey. I look forward to receiving your application and having a Soul to Soul conversation during your interview. Begin your application today by clicking the button below.

*A Private 1:1 Mentorship for this Academy is available also if you would like. I hold 4 spaces for this mentorship each year. Fill out the same application as for the Academy and there is a box at the end to specify which one you are applying for.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once you have completed your purchase. Keep in mind this is an investment into yourself and make sure you are fully committed to investing your money, time, and energy by becoming a part of the Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy. If you feel you cannot commit yourself, your time, your money, or your energy to this Academy, then it is in your best interest, my best interest, and the best interest of the other women in the program that you reserve your time, energy, and money for a time when you can fully commit. Without full commitment and being fully present, you will not get what you need out of the Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy. If you do apply and are accepted into the Academy, you are responsible for any and all outcomes of you taking this or any other of my programs. Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or any other type of medical professional. You are responsible for own well being and results you receive from this Academy or any of my other programs. Always consult your medical team, psychiatrist, or psychologist for your care. What I provide through the Soulfully Embraced Woman Academy and my other courses/programs are not a replacement for any type of medical advice or treatment. By you taking part in this or any of my other programs does not enter us into a client/medical professional relationship. Please seek medical advice and assistance from trained medical professionals if you are in need of treatment of any kind.