Would you like me to create a 1:1 personalized journey for you?

There are times when courses or group programs or self-study isn’t enough for you to receive the transformation you desire.

You desire to be held, nurtured, and supported in a Sacred Space that is created just for you.

You desire to be lovingly guided on your journey from someone who sees you and helps you discover all of who you are.

You desire to be gently but deeply mentored by someone who has walked her own journey and lovingly shares her Sacred gifts, tools, techniques, and experiences that can bring you to an awareness and appreciation for all that you are and all you are becoming.

Lovely, I am here holding this Sacred Space for you. Shall we begin your journey?

Some of the elements I can help you with are:

  • Knowing who you are at a Soul deep level
  • Loving and embracing all of who you are
  • Creating Sacred Practices to support your journey
  • Creating a plan of Soul Care to nurture and nourish yourself
  • Soulfully bring your vision to life
  • Creating a Sacred Space within you and around you
  • And more

If this resonates within your Soul and you are feeling a nudge from your inner self, I invite you to fill out the application below to begin working with me. By filling out this application, you are letting me know what you are seeking and desiring guidance with and how I can best support you in your journey. Once I receive your application and we explore our resonance  through a Soul to Soul Conversation, then our journey begins. Resonance and alignment are very important elements for us working together.

What will your personalized journey look like? Here is a glimpse into your journey:

  • A Weekly 60 minute Soul to Soul Conversation
  • Unlimited Weekly Email support for the duration of your program
  • Weekly Personalized Soul Work
  • Weekly Personalized Soul Care
  • Weekly Personalized Soul to Soul Message

Your next step is to fill out the application through the button below. After you submit and I receive your application, I will review it and contact you via email to set our Soul to Soul Conversation to see if we are a resonant match to work together. Keep in mind that you may not resonate with me and I may not resonate with you. By filling out the application and setting up a Soul to Soul Conversation with me, it does not guarantee us working together.

I have limited spaces available for this program so I can bring my full presence into each session. I do offer a waitlist for resonant and aligned applicants if my spaces are currently filled. Each personalized program is 3 months in length. I look forward to reviewing your application and our Soul to Soul Conversation.


Refund Policy: There are no refunds once you have completed your purchase. Keep in mind this is an investment into yourself and make sure you are fully committed to investing your money, time, and energy by becoming a part of the Soulfully Embraced Woman Program. If you feel you cannot commit yourself, your time, your money, or your energy to this Program, then it is in your best interest, my best interest, and the best interest of the other women on the waitlist that you reserve your time, energy, and money for a time when you can fully commit. Without full commitment and being fully present, you will not get what you need out of the Soulfully Embraced Woman Program. If you do apply and are accepted into the Program, you are responsible for any and all outcomes of you taking this or any other of my programs.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or any other type of medical professional. You are responsible for own well being and results you receive from this Program or any of my other offerings. Always consult your medical team, psychiatrist, or psychologist for your care. What I provide through the Soulfully Embraced Woman Program and my other offerings are not a replacement for any type of medical advice or treatment. By you taking part in this or any of my other programs does not enter us into a client/medical professional relationship. Please seek medical advice and assistance from trained medical professionals if you are in need of treatment of any kind.