What Is The Journey of The Soulfully Written Woman?

This journey is all about embracing the Sacred woman within. She is a woman who has been held down and hidden for so long, and now she is ready to emerge into the light. She is a woman who is full of feminine wisdom and knowing, a woman who uses her intuitive gifts in all things. She holds her beliefs in her heart, and she is the embodiment of all she carries within her. She is ready to be seen, be heard, valued, and loved. She uses the written word to move through her journey. She is a woman who knows her journey is one that will go deep within, to the Sacred space that holds the truest essence of her Being. She carries all this within her, and she  makes the conscious choice each day to be, embrace, embody, and become the Soulfully Written Woman.

This Journey is for Women Who:
  • Are devoted to reclaiming and restoring the woman within
  • Are devoted to do their own inner work and deepen into the essence of their Soul
  • Are devoted to committing themselves fully to this journey of embracing themselves
  • Are devoted to surrendering and softening to deepen into their essence
  • Are devoted to having an open heart and open mind
  • Are devoted to embracing a new way of being
  • Are devoted to loving themselves and to honoring their truths
This Journey May Be For You If:
  • You have a passion for deep Soul writing, creative writing, and Sacred storytelling.
  • You desire to embrace Sacred Journaling to deepen in to your Soul.
  • You have a deep desire to explore all that is within you.
  • You are open to the Divine Feminine way of being.
  • You desire to create and cultivate a Sacred practice of writing.
Elements of this journey within can:
  • Give you a deeper understanding of who you are (your inner self)
  • Give you a deeper insight of who you are becoming (your higher self)
  • Allow you to embrace the art of writing as a Sacred Practice
  • Help you create a ritual of writing to connect with all that is within you
  • Allow you to deepen, soften, and surrender into the Divine Feminine
Your Journey will include 12 weeks of:
  • Soulful Journaling
  • Creative Writing
  • Deep Soul Writing
  • Sacred Storytelling
  • Soulful Letter Writing
  • Private Mentorship Available

You will also receive email support for the duration of this 12 week journey along with access to a private Facebook Community.

Investment for this 12-week  Soulfully Embraced  Woman Journey:
  • Soulfully Written Woman Journey with email support  $333
  • Soulfully Written Woman Journey with Mentorship  $999

This journey is for all women writers, both beginner and advanced, who desire to deepen into the way of the Divine Feminine and explore Her through creative, soulful, and personal writing.  It is open to women of all faiths and beliefs. You just need an openness and willingness to surrender to the Divine Feminine. In this writing journey, our writings are not judged nor critiqued. They are held and heard by a supportive, loving, open circle of women writers who each share their journeys and hold space for others to share theirs. Writers of all levels are welcomed here, even if they do not consider themselves to be writers. There is truth, love, and power within our stories and within in the words we choose to express these stories. 

To Apply For This Journey:

 If this is deeply resonating with you and you feel that this is a right fit for you, I invite you to apply by sending me an email of why you would like to take this journey by including a writing of 300-500 words written by you.  I am not looking for proper grammar or spelling or anything technical here, that is not what this journey is about. I am looking for your Soul within your writing. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, authentic, and open. I am the only one who will be reading it. Here are some prompts to get you started(choose at least 5 of them in your writing):

  • Why you desire to take this journey
  • What would it mean to you to take this journey
  • How you see yourself at the beginning of this journey (right now)
  • How you see yourself at the end of this journey (your vision)
  • What your beliefs around being a Sacred woman are
  • What you believe about yourself as a Sacred  woman
  • What you love about yourself as a Sacred woman
  • Why you desired to be mentored/guided by me for your journey
  • What else you would like me to know about you as I consider you for this journey

Be open to share whatever comes up for you. Take off any mask you feel you need to wear. A part of your journey is about opening yourself to being vulnerable, to letting yourself be seen, heard, loved, and honored for who you are. Take your time with it…embrace this ritual of writing. When it feels right to you, send it me in an email* with “Soulfully Written Woman Journey” in the subject line, along with your name in the body of the email, to mentorbonniejean@gmail.com

A few things before you apply*…
Please be sure your email is correct when applying for this journey. Be sure your written piece is included directly into the body of the email, please do not include a link. If it includes a link, your application cannot be accepted. Also, please do not send spam or offers or desires to connect with me for reasons other than applying for this journey.  My time is sacred, my space is sacred, and this includes my inbox. Thank you for honoring this. I have a certain number of spaces open each time I offer this journey, so you may be offered to be on a waiting list once your application is approved. I hold space for12 devoted,  soulful women for the journey and for 4 devoted, soulful women for private mentorship during each 12 week journey. I devote my time and energy to those devoted to taking this journey, so this is not for you if you are just testing the waters or mildly curious or will only do the work when you feel like it. This journey will take you to the depths of who you are, and to the heights of who you can become, and it will ask much of you. Be sure you are ready to immerse yourself in a new way of being, and are devoted to doing the inner work to get there before applying for this journey. Due to the nature of this work, there are no refunds once you complete your purchase.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once you have invested in this journey. Keep in mind this is an investment into yourself and make sure you are fully committed to investing your money, time, and energy by becoming a part of the Soulfully Written Woman Journey. If you feel you cannot commit yourself, your time, your money, or your energy to this journey, then it is in your best interest, my best interest, and the best interest of the other women on the waitlist that you reserve your time, energy, and money for a time when you can fully commit. Without full commitment and being fully present, you will not get what you need out of the Soulfully Embraced Woman Journey. If you do apply and are accepted for this journey, you are responsible for any and all outcomes from taking this journey. Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or any other type of medical professional. You are responsible for own well being and results you receive from this journey or any of my other offerings. Always consult your medical team, psychiatrist, or psychologist for your care. What I provide through the Soulfully Written Woman Journey and my other offerings are not a replacement for any type of medical advice or treatment. By you taking part in this or any of my other programs does not enter us into a client/medical professional relationship. Please seek medical advice and assistance from trained medical professionals if you are in need of treatment of any kind.